What You need for your children

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The best tutor that can Tutor What You need for your children;

The first question asked of many tutors is what subjects are offered and to what age groups? Many Cary tutors offer only English or ACT/SAT prep course, but that is not the case for A Plus Tutor USA!

A few of the many tutoring subjects that are offered at A Plus Tutor USA include:

  1. SAT/ACT Prep. Many local high schools offer this as a seminar or after school class, but for many students, that isn’t enough. We work with students to help them understand the strategies behind these standardized tests in order to make it less stressful for them while improving their SAT or ACT scores.
  2. Math Tutoring. A Plus Tutor USA in Cary offers math tutoring from elementary school all the way up through high school math tutoring. For advanced and gifted students, we can even offer AP calculus tutors! Our tutors are trained for their age group that they are working with and all of our tutors are licensed.
  3. Biology/Chemistry/Physics Tutoring. Any science subject can be difficult for a student that is more creative than analytical. We offer biology tutoring, chemistry tutoring, earth science tutoring, Physics and more many solutions for students struggling with the sciences.
  4. History Tutoring. Students who struggle with history typically have issues retaining material taught in the classroom. Our A Plus Tutor USA will work with them on their studying skills, organization methods, and help them create a strategy to help them retain more of what they are learning!
  5. All Age Tutoring. Getting a strong head start on education can make all of the difference. We have tutors that can help students of all ages, even elementary school children, get started in the right direction.

Students don’t have to struggle in school in order to need a tutor. Tutoring is a great way to get students moving on an advanced path of their education. For more information about A Plus Tutor USA, our tutoring staff, or our programs, please email us now at enrich@aplustutorusa.com or call us 919-672-4724


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