How To Establish an After School Schedule that Improves Grades

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We all have busy lives to accommodate and it may seem like establishing a consistent after-school routine is an impossible feat to accomplish. However, children and families benefit immensely from a go-to schedule that allows time for snacks, homework, and playtime while still getting to bed at a decent hour.

At A Plus Tutor USA we know that creating these routines will take some trial and error among families. What works for some children may not work for others, or working around extra-curricular activities is a bit tricky at first. Sticking to these routines will also take some patience and perseverance before they become well-established.

4 suggestions for families to consider when setting up a new after-school routine that utilizes time well and helps improve student performance are:

  • Routine Starts When Kids Get Home. Keep the momentum going when kids arrive home after school. Starting with small tasks to get organized is a good way to transition and talk with each other. Have them hang up their coats, put shoes away, empty lunchboxes, and gather homework or project assignments that need to be done for the night. This time is ideal for setting the tone for the evening!
  • Let There Be Snacks. Most kids get home 3-4 hours after lunch, and dinner may be a while away. Give them a little break and a boost in brain power with a healthy snack. This way they won’t focus on the next meal and their attention can be directed elsewhere.
  • Set Up a School Station. Studying or doing homework in the same place creates a sense of consistency and children will learn to associate that with productivity. This also provides a good set-up for when a private tutor comes over since there’s a designated area for learning and activities.
  • Allow for Playtime. At the end of the day, kids just want to be kids and have fun. They most definitely deserve some time that’s solely for playing around and enjoying themselves. It helps them recharge and release pent-up energy!

Setting up an after-school routine is crucial for families that want to find a healthy balance of fun and learning. Establishing good habits will create stability in kids’ lives and improve their school performance overall. For those interesting in  private tutoring, contact us at A Plus Tutor USA today!

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