How to Build Better Study Habits and Get the Most Out of Each Session

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Late night cram study sessions the day before an exam are rarely effective. Much of the information taken in will be lost as soon as the test is over, not to mention the stress and strain that the mind and body endures!

There are more practical ways to study that improve information retention as well as exam performance. Don’t run yourself into the ground by forcing weeks’ worth of information the day before!

Our tutors at A Plus Tutor USA recommend the following four tips to help build better study habits and to get the most out of each study session:

  • Pick a Time and Place. Everyone has different needs and benefit from different approaches. Find a time of day that works best for you, whether it’s in the morning or the evening, and try to stick to it. Next, pick a spot that is a conducive environment for studying, namely, a distraction-free zone.
  • Study Every Day. The more you process information, the more likely you are to absorb it fully. Set aside one or two hours a night to review smaller sections and add new concepts slowly. This will help to eliminate the stress of cramming a lot of material in a short amount of time.
  • Determine Your Learning Style. There are multiple ways to adapt for certain styles of learning. Auditory learners can read notes out loud to hear them, or ask to record lectures to replay later. Visual learners benefit from color coding notes or visualizing concepts as images. Kinesthetic learners may benefit from more hands-on approaches or role-playing to fully understand what’s being introduced.
  • Take Breaks. Staring at a book or computer screen for too long will only increase feelings of frustration or tiredness. Allow yourself to take a 10-minute break every hour or so and get away from the study space to rejuvenate. Walking away for a few minutes may help to look at the material in a different way when you return to it.

No matter your learning style or the subject, there are many ways to develop successful study habits. Want help from a private tutor? Give us a call at A Plus Tutor USA to hear the benefits of hiring a tutor for any subject and any grade!

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